Quick way to make yourself a recruiting target is to stand 6-8.  Stand 6-8 as a freshman and you’ll really draw some attention. But when that 6-8 freshman is also a gym rat now you lay the foundation for something special. 

Hunter Krohn hails from Lakers High School in Elkton-Pigeon-Bay Port.  Lakers High isn’t your traditional state power in Michigan for basketball, but that hasn’t slowed down Krohn from working on his craft and dedicating himself to the game he loves. 

“Basketball became my true love in the 7th grade, that’s when I started to play AAU,” states Krohn.  Since then Krohn’s game has taken off and credit goes to his work ethic. When he isn’t working out in hus home town, he takes trips to Saginaw to train and practice with his Mid-Michigan based AAU team, The Program.  

Not only did Hunter advance his development by playing at a high level of AAU but he also played up an age group, playing 15u this past summer.  15u AAU is mostly comprised of high school freshman that already have a year of varsity basketball under their belt. “Playing with the 15u was definitely a big step for me.  Practicing with the older guys and playing against them has improved my game immensely both physically and mentally,” explained Krohn.

The development Krohn has seen has given him an edge over most freshmen, which has allowed him to play varsity this year at Lakers High.  While this season will definitely be a learning year for the 6-8 freshman, he is more than ready for the task. “My goals this year are to help my team by the gifts God has given me and encourage my teammates to have a winning attitude we need for success,” said Krohn.  

With the gifts God has given Krohn, along with the work ethic he has developed, Krohn has evolved into a top 10 player for Michigan’s 2023 class.  So while Lakers High hasn’t been your typical state wide basketball power, that may all change under Krohn’s watch.