When you average 17 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assist in high school basketball people will take notice. But when you do it as a freshman, the top college coaches in the country take notice. 

That is the case for Grand Blanc’s 2022 Ty Rodgers. The Saginaw native made a huge splash for Grand Blanc in his debut season, putting up the numbers while helping the Bobcats to a tournament run in March. 

Size, strength, skill, explosiveness, toughness, athleticism, are all words that describe Rodgers’ game. However his greatest attribute is probably upstairs as his basketball I.Q. test off the charts.

“I am just a basketball player, I feel that I am smart enough to play any position, and I have a good feel for the game,” says the 6-5 Rodgers. 

When you think the game and know the game, you put yourself in position to make plays all over and anywhere on the floor, and when you can make plays all over the court you can not label a player to any position. 

“Being a position less player is a big thing that scouts and college coaches look for in players, a player that can do it all.. definitely would say it gives you a level up that scouts like,” proudly claims the do-it-all player. 

After an offseason of hard work. The 6-5 sophomore is ready for an even bigger year 2. 

“I plan on being more aggressive this year, I have really put focus on being more aggressive with my game,” adds Rodgers. 

17 points, 9 rebounds, and 5 assist are numbers any player in any grade can be proud of, but Rodgers is determined to improve on those numbers. “I plan to average at least 10 points more per game, with double digit rebounds, as well as more assist,” claims the sophomore. 

Rodgers had been busy all off season, when he hasn’t been working on his game he has fielded interest from those college coaches that admired his freshman campaign. “I currently have D1 offers from Houston and Rhode Island,” states Rodgers. 

But those are just the offers. Rodgers is being heavily recruited by Alabama, DePaul, Louisville, Marquette, Michigan, Michigan St, North Carolina, Ohio St, Texas Tech, and Wake Forest. 

He has already taken unofficial visits to Houston, Louisville, Michigan, Michigan St, and Ohio St. 

That is quite a list, but Rodgers still has three years to make a college decision. At the moment all focus is on the upcoming season. “The goal is to win a state championship,” says Rodgers. 

That mental thinking is not that off. Last year Grand Blanc fell to a very good Saginaw High team, and the Bobcats return almost everyone including D1 prospect 6-5 Kevin-David Rice and 6-7 Matai Swain. 

So for now get the popcorn popping, and just like college coaches across the country, be ready to watch the show!