Last weekend one of Michigan’s oldest running AAU programs, Flint Affiliation hosted their annual Flint Affiliation Showdown tournament.  One of the more intriguing and competitive divisions was the 6th grade division.  When the dust finally settled The Family was left standing and went home with the championship.  The road to the trophy however was hard fought as all four teams that advanced to the final four were more than capable of winning the bracket.  The Family first fought off Saginaw’s Booker’s Ballers 29-24 in the final four before taking down the Michigan Playmakers 38-35 in the Championship.  The Playmakers advanced to the final game with a 37-31 win over the Thunder in the other semi-final.

Below are a list of players who stood out above the rest.  Players are listed in alphabetical order.


Chuck Bailey, 5-7 wing, The Family

Active and plays with a boat load of energy on both ends.  He can play any position on the court.  Impressed with his skill level to handle guard duties but wasn’t afraid to mix it up inside with his toughness.


Evan Booker, 5-5 point guard, Booker Ballers

May have been the most exciting player to watch at the tourney.  What a motor this youngster point guard plays with.  If you’re on the court with him- prepare to run.  Did a great job finishing in traffic as well as putting his teammates in a great position to score.  Was great in transition.


Marquise Davenport, 6-5 center, Michigan Playmakers

Yes a 6-5 12-year old and every bit of 6-5 with a solid frame.  Just towered over everybody he played against.  Still has plenty of work to do as he grows into his body but at the end of day you can’t teach height.  Rebounds and finishes well, which you would expect.


Christian Dobis, 5-11 fwd, Booker Ballers

You can tell Dobis just loves the game and is a gym rat.  Plays every possession like it was the final play of game.  Energy kid that just always seemed to be in the right place at right time.  Very crafty in the block and showed off a variety of post moves and fadeaway jumpers.


Ryan Hatcher, 5-6 point guard, The Family

The youngster of the bunch as Hatcher is only a 5th grader playing up, but you couldn’t tell with his calm feel for the game and high basketball I.Q. handling the ball.  Good jump shot, strong handles, all around fundamentally strong player.


Sheddrick Murrell, 5-11 wing, Booker Ballers

Silky smooth and was able to slide through every crack and gap attacking the basket.  Another high energy kid that excelled jumping passing lanes in the press with his length and wingspan.  Was able to finish with both right and left hand.


Phil Ragan, 5-6 combo guard, The Family

Mr. Big Shot!  All the games were tight but Ragan was always there to hit the shot when The Family needed a big bucket.  Came up big time down the stretch of championship game.  Played both point guard and shooting guard for his team.


DeCorion Temple, 6-2, The Family (pictured)

The most dominate player and MVP of the tourney.  At 6-2 his balance and skill level are exactly where they need to be.  A crafty finisher with back towards the basket and can even score it facing the basket from 15 feet out.  Doesn’t waste time getting up and down the court and understands the importance of defense with his shot blocking ability (averaged 6 blocks a game).  His most impressive attribute was his ability to pass the ball from either the elbow or the block, never forced anything and always found his open teammate.